Using SchoolTalk, you are right to expect support through every stage of implementation

1. Demo request

Request a free demo for your school to see SchoolTalk in action

Demo of SchoolTalk includes:

  • A sand-pit environment with 10 test learners, pre-filled calendars, and learning designs to play with.
  • Advice and Answers from the SchoolTalk Team at the documentation portal.
  • Context sensitive 'how-to' guides built into every screen to help you started.
  • Online chat if you feel like talking to a real person or have any wonderings is available in the app or on the documentation portal.
  • One-hour introductory workshop with the Stonefields Collaborative team that uses SchoolTalk on a day-to-day basis, to share with you the experience and insights on what is possible with SchoolTalk and what to expect during implementation. See the workshop plan here.

2. On-boarding and implementation

Get assistance with development of an on-boarding strategy for your school

Receive help, assistance, and advice on every step of the process:

  • Data migration and system configuration - SchoolTalk team works directly with you to assist in the system set up and to train your team to maintain SchoolTalk up to date in the future. Click here to get a sneak-peak of the data required to set up SchoolTalk.
  • Advice on the best implementation strategy for your school - where to start and how many learners/teachers to include in your initial roll-out depends on many factors, including how comfortable your team is with technology and whether your teachers and learners already use learning progressions on day to day basis. There is no pressure to start with the entire school from day one. In most cases, we advise you to start with a small group of teachers, learners, and parents and increase the number of users as they gain confidence.
  • Pedagogy and implementation support from the Stonefields Collaborative - the best way to get up to speed with the tool is to learn from teachers who have already implemented SchoolTalk. We work together with the Stonefields Collaborative, who are happy to help you get going. The amount of training required greatly depends on your school's situation and your staff's needs. In the majority of cases, 5 hours of initial training enables you to start using SchoolTalk effectively.

3. Ongoing support

Our collaboration does not end with implementation

All SchoolTalk subscribers receive:

  • Comprehensive user documentation - context-sensitive 'how to' tutorials are available for learners, teachers, and parents on every page. Our schools find it helpful when onboarding new staff and to refresh their memory.
  • Online support chat - if personal assistance is required, there is always someone from our team available via chat. During business hours most issues are resolved in under 30 minutes.
  • Additional training is available for pedagogy or implementation support from the Stonefields Collaborative, at extra cost. 
  • Ability to request new features - SchoolTalk is a constantly evolving platform, any feedback and suggestions are welcome.