Here at SchoolTalk we invest a lot of effort to provide the best user experience and smoothen the learning curve for new users, by creating ergonimic interfaces and providing a comprehensive list of 'how-to' videos.

The amount of training required greatly depends on your school's situation and your staff needs. In the majority of cases 5 hours of initial training enables you to use SchoolTalk effectively.

If required, additional training can be provided for $120 an hour.


Please enquire

Do you have a system you love and would like to see it integrated with SchoolTalk? Or do you have some specific requirements currently not covered by SchoolTalk? Lets discuss how we can customise that for you.

Below are some examples of customisation work done for our clients:

  • Integration with other systems via public API
  • Data synchronization via CSV upload
  • Development of extra features in SchoolTalk

Please enquire for more details about customisation.