On-boarding information

To start using SchoolTalk the following data needs to be uploaded:

  • School progressions
  • Roll information
  • Teacher details
  • Learner group allocations (optional)

The complete list and format of required data will be provided before onboarding starts. All data above can be entered by your staff via UI. 


Load your own learning progressions or start with Stonefields School's progressions

If your school already has learning progressions those can be entered through Editor portal by your staff. If you would like help uploading the progressions we can do it at an additional charge of 60c per learning intention.

If you do not have progressions yet, or these do not cover all areas of learning, please consider using the progressions prepared by Stonefields School (recommended koha $300 for each of Reading, Writing and Mathematics or $800 for all three). Please contact Jana Benson at jana.benson@stonefields.school.nz for more details.

User details

Sync from your SMS or enter manually

SchoolTalk allows you to load and sync roll information with your SMS system as often as needed.

Users can also be invited into SchoolTalk one by one. The invitations will be emailed to the users with an activation link attached.

If your younger learners do not have mailboxes yet, there are alternative ways to activate their accounts.

If some of your classrooms are not one-to-one yet, they still can use SchoolTalk.

Learner group allocations

Sync administrative groupings from your SMS and let teachers create and modify learning groups on the fly

SchoolTalk can import learner groupings and tags from your SMS, such as:

  • Year level
  • Room
  • Guardian teacher
  • Date started schooling
  • Student support group
  • Other details

Further to the imported groupings, dynamic grouping can be defined right in SchoolTalk as needed, to facilitate learning and to create reports.