Automate your reports

"With SchoolTalk I spend much less time making reports"
- Year 7 teacher

See progress at a glance

Automated and accurate progress reports are available for teachers, learners and parents on the fly.

Teachers, learners and parents can:

  • see the current progress anytime
  • dive deeper to see the progress and next steps in specific areas of knowledge
  • see attached evidence of learning

Teachers and learners can:

  • update learner's progress
  • attach evidence and reflections for every area of learning

Make informed decisions when teaching

Teacher portal makes learning visible for teachers on a whole new level of detail.

Teachers can see:

  • learner day-to-day progress
  • learners with similar needs
  • learning artefacts attached by students
  • date of the last progress update for a learning intention

Achievement in your language of learning

SchoolTalk gives school-wide overview of learners progress in the language of your school curriculum.

Teachers and leaders can see current achievement for:

  • any learner in school
  • any area of the school's curriculum

SchoolTalk makes it clear how the achievement was calculated and makes it easy to update underlying progress on the spot.

Automated reports for parents

SchoolTalk generates and sends reports for parents automatically. Give the parents detailed reports on progress and next steps as often as you like.

Report inlcudes:

  • Achievement snapshots for selected areas of learning
  • Historic trends
  • Suggestions on next learning steps
  • Optional teacher comment and learner reflection