Develop student agency

I can access my learning anywhere and anytime, no reason to ask the teacher
- Year 4 student

Learner dashboard

Easy access to today’s calendar and recent learning log ensures even youngest learners can start using SchoolTalk quickly. Just click on the calendar event to begin learning!

Learners can see:

  • Today’s learning intentions at a glance
  • Only data relevant to their own learning
  • Recent work and achievements
  • Teacher feedback and comments

Today's learning and goals

Design for Learning screen provides learners instant access to today’s lesson activities and goals

Learners can:

  • See rich-media learning plans designed by teachers
  • View the learning intentions
  • Attach learning evidence easily
  • Let the teacher and parents know they have mastered a goal
  • Access relevant learning resources to stretch their learning

Learning evidence

Learners as young as 7 are capable of using the portal for their learning and to attach their evidence, independently.

Learners can:

  • Take a photo of their work, like drawing or notes of their thinking
  • Attach work they’ve done online as evidence of learning
  • Let the teacher know they started or completed work on a learning intention
  • Take more active part in their learning, by justifying how they know what they know

Learning resources

Facilitate independent learning at home, by providing relevant resources for each learning intention

Learners can:

  • Access appropriate learning materials related to their learning goals, approved by teachers
  • Stretch their learning by doing extra activities, and self-paced learning, offered via the resource library