Involve families in learning

I now can understand what my child is learning at school, awesome!
- Parent of Year 6 student

Parent Dashboard

Thanks to mobile-friendly user interfaces SchoolTalk provides parents easy access to their children’s learning, anytime, anywhere.

Parents can:

  • Access all of their children's learning under a single log-in
  • See details only relevant to their children
  • See their child’s achievement and work instantly
  • Have meaningful conversations about today’s learning

Understanding progress

Provide parents ongoing progress reports - current data anytime, anywhere

Parents can:

  • Receive regular achievement reports by email and access them online
  • See their children's ongoing progress and evidence of learning
  • Instantly understand what the current learning goals are
  • Access learning material approved by the school to help at home

Supporting Learning at Home

Give parents a window into their children's learning, share current goals and explain how can they help at home

Parents can:

  • See what is taught at school at the moment
  • Understand the current learning goals and how they can help at home
  • Allow access to as many family members as required