Increase teacher efficiency

With SchoolTalk I spend more time working with my learners and less time doing paperwork
- Year 3 Teacher

Collaborate with other teachers

SchoolTalk provides tools for multi-teacher environments

Teachers can:

  • Work together to design learning
  • Share their calendars and learning plans, with other teachers
  • Search and pin calendars of other teachers
  • Collect and share relevant learning resources

Teacher dashboard

Give control and provide clarity on teaching and learning for teachers and leaders

Teachers and leaders of learning can:

  • See personal and group calendars
  • Create using Design for Learning function
  • Explore teaching and learning plans of other teachers
  • Run reports for learning groups

Teachers can easily form new groups and move learners between groups as required - taking learning outside classroom limits!

Teacher Calendar

Flexible calendars give teachers freedom to collaborate on planning and creation of learning materials.

Teachers can:

  • Create one-off or repeating learning events
  • Use rich support of different repetition patterns
  • Reschedule, cancel or extend learning events easily
  • Create learning groups on the fly, reuse existing groups or create whole-school events
  • Share their planning with other teachers

Design for Learning

Create purposeful cross-curriculum, rich learning plans, to engage learners. Images, tables, colourful fonts are fully supported.

Teachers can:

  • Map teaching to learning goals from school’s progressions
  • Embed external documents and school resources, upload files from your computer.
  • Shift your teaching plans easily to match actual learning pace.
  • Share learning plans with students and their family
  • Leave notes for other teachers, hidden from learners and parents

Learning Progress and Evidence

Use real-time data to create purposeful Design for Learning. Make your decisions based on actual and precise data, supported by rich evidence.

Teachers and leaders of learning can:

  • Easily view learning progressions for each learner
  • See progress and work for a lesson, or sequence of learning intentions
  • View evidence created and submitted by learners
  • Mark progress and attach evidence for a learner or a group of learners
  • Create wider Gap Analysis reports
  • See gaps and explore progress and evidence created in previous years

Progress Report

Ongoing progress reports available for Teachers

Teachers and leaders of learning can:

  • Create reports on demand, based on current progress data
  • Save snapshots to create historical trends of individuals or groups
  • Make the reports available to parents and learners online
  • Deliver the reports to parents by print or by email

Tracking Progress

Provides teachers with a full picture of each learner’s progress

Teachers can:

  • See current gaps for every student
  • Group your students according to their current learning needs
  • Get insights on current student progress
  • Show visible evidence of the impact of effective teaching